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Our Programs

Dog Rehoming / Adoption

We have a thorough adoption process which combined with experienced Placement and Adoption Coordinators, ensures that each home is the best fit for each specific dog.

About 3,300,000 dogs enter shelters in the United States each year.  Love4Paws pulls dogs from shelters across Florida, as well as takes dogs that are facing homelessnes, as what are called owner surrenders.  


Do Our Part to Combat Pet Overpopulation

Offer Sponsored Spay / Neuter Services to dogs in the community being rehomed without being sterilized.

While euthanasia rates are declining in the United States, still approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized in shelters in the United States each year.  Five states account for approximately 50% of the dogs euthanized in the country, with Florida being the third highest at about 66,000 per year.

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Maintain a Food Bank

Discrete assistance to those in need when they need us.  We want to help keep dogs in loving homes that are able to maintain a good quality of life for a dog, but just may need a temporary boost.

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