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Monetary Donations

Love4Paws is pleased to receive your patronage and support in helping us achieve our goal of rescuing and caring for abandoned or needy dogs from various locations all over the state.


With your support, Love4Paws will continue its mission to provide safe and happy homes for the dogs entrusted to our care while focusing on education in the community about respect and kindness to all animals.


We also want to be transparent about what the money you donate is and is not going to be used for. 


Donations to our group will be used for:

1)   Vetting of our dogs.  This is the number one cost to our group and more times than not, exceeds the adoption fee for the dog.  Not always of course, but we want to be sure that your new family member has received the most thorough exams, vaccines (including leptospirosis), and any and all testing which our experienced veterinarians may feel is warranted.

2)   Food and medications.  We unfortunately do not have any        food sponsorships or companies that consistently donate food so this cost is entirely upon us.  Medications include heartworm and flea/tick prevention which depending upon the size of the dog and the time with our rescue, can be significant.

3)   Vet fees for sponsored dogs.  We will occasionally help with vet costs for dogs that are being rehomed in our area, that may not go through our group.  For example, if we see a dog being rehomed online that is not sterilized (because the family cannot afford it), we may offer to have it spayed or neutered prior to rehoming so that we can do our part to prevent unwanted pregnancies which would contribute towards the ever-growing pet over-population problem that we face in Florida and the United States in general.

4)   Miscellaneous needs; cages, bowls, toys, etc.


What we will NOT use any donated funds for are:

1)   Transportation.  Transportation of our dogs is done by either one of us or one of our amazing volunteers.  We do not pay for or reimburse for gas.  This is all done at the volunteer’s cost of time and money, so we greatly appreciate their donation of both.

2)   Salaries.  We do not have any employees and our board members do not take any salaries of any kind. 


We want you to feel secure about our dedication to being careful and conscientious stewards of any money that you so graciously decide to donate to our group.  These animals deserve a good home, and by donating to us, you are helping to make that possible.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and generosity.


We are a Florida-based non-profit charity group with 501(c)(3) status as tax-exempt from the IRS, so your donations are tax deductible.  Our FEIN is 85-0584716.  


Love4Paws accepts donations through our secure donation options, listed below.  We look forward to and APPRECIATE your support.

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