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Melanie Lehmann

I have owned large breed dogs all my life, but became involved with rescue in 2009 when I adopted my first dog, which was my second Weimaraner.  When I lost him to lymphoma in 2011, I felt so helpless because I could not do more to save him.  That is when I made the decision to become involved in rescue.  I decided that even though I could not save him, I help to save so many others. 


I've fostered and adopted out approximately 300 dogs during that time,  and appreciate each and every one of the lives that I have been able to help; both the canine and human variety.  I look forward to helping more of both (dogs and families) in this new venture.

Laurie Smith


I have been involved in Dog rescue for the last 15 years, when I lost my first Weimaraner.  There was a hole in my heart to fill.


Since then, the hole has been filled by over 600 foster dogs and now two of my own.  I know that fostering saves lives; not just the life of that dog, but the dog that can then be rescued and take its place.

Jozel O'Donnell

As a young adult I began to adopt senior dogs or dogs who had a variety of issues that caused them to be overlooked. After being in the shelter for a year, I adopted Penny.  After 10 years with her, I lost my sweet girl to Hemangiosarcoma in April of 2020. 

After she passed, I realized I had to fulfill a dream I had to rescue and rehabilitate dogs. It was then that Love4Paws entered my life. I began fostering in June of 2020 and I have had success finding forever homes for several dogs.  Panzer, my foster fail, loves to help in the process, whether it is running in the yard or just giving space.

 I am honored to be a part of the union when a dog finds their people.  It has been such a rewarding experience and I look forward to helping the community one dog at a time.

Trish Gowan


I am the proud fur baby Mama to Winston and Wesley and have been involved with rescue for just over 3 years! Both of my pups are rescues, but Wesley was a unique adoption. Wesley was found in Puerto Rico after surviving both Hurricane Irma and Maria in September of 2017. He is my little survivor and ignited my passion for supporting rescue adoption. 


While the rescue process can be challenging, it has been incredibly rewarding to see both Winston and Wesley become true members of our family. Through Love4Paws, I hope to encourage others to adopt dogs like Winston and Wesley,  provide additional support to families who may need it through the adoption process and to continue making this world a better place through kindness to animals.

Katie Jordan
Board Member

Carson Plank
Board Member

Heather Viviano
Board Member

Katie Jordan
Board Member

My journey into rescue began at a young age as I would bring home stray cats from the bus stop to our home to care for them (much to my parents’ chagrin). Currently I have 5 dogs that are living with me and my family which keeps us busy and quite entertained!

I am passionate about rescuing as I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact rescue has on animals through my many years of volunteering with different rescue organizations.


My hope is to help as many animals as possible to find loving homes with families. I feel very honored to be a part of the Love4Paws family and am committed to finding loving furever homes for each of our animals.

Carson Plank
Board Member

For as long as I can remember I’ve been around sporting and working breed dogs – Retrievers, Doberman, and Weimaraners, specifically. While I love all dogs, Weimaraners are my heart and soul. A fulfilled life, for me, is to be surrounded by as many Weimaraners and other similar bird dog breeds as possible. I now have two Weimaraners - Dexter and Oskar - who both came into rescue as very young babies six years apart. I have worked hard to establish myself as a passionate and driven advocate for Weims and other similar breeds in the dog world and I am thankful for every opportunity I’m given to help a dog in need.  

Heather Viviano
Board Member

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Dr. Carrie Capuano, DVM

Medical Director 

I have been trying to nurse animals back to health since growing up on my parent’s family farm in SC. Whether it was a sick calf, abandoned goat, stray cats and dogs, or a fawn that had lost its mother, I just wanted to help them. The lack of knowledge on how to actually help them led me to becoming a veterinarian. I now take joy in helping pets by providing the most appropriate medical care while the dogs of Love4Paws await their new forever loving families.  I have had several members of my own 4-legged family, including my current rescue, a black Lab named Dabo that I adopted.  He fit perfectly into my perfectly chaotic family and has proven to be a source of great joy for us.  I look forward to helping provide this same joy to other families.

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